Braes Golf Centre Membership

Membership is open to everyone regardless of age, gender, creed or colour. Braes Golf Centre is a wholly ‘inclusive’ facility, not just for locals but from far and wide. We have a number of ‘country’ members who enjoy the facilities if they are in the area. Membership at Braes Golf Centre carries with it the following benefits -


Basically, you can join right away !

We are (unlike some other clubs locally) NEVER overcrowded. Yes we do want plenty members but…..not at the cost of the place being too busy, overplayed and unavailable. NEVER. So, you can get a game of golf almost whenever you want, subject to the occasional competition having been already booked.

You will be part of a like minded group of people who;

o Respect and appreciate the facilities
o Are there for a guid time….if not a lang time…

As a member, you will also automatically qualify for a 10% discount off all food and beverage!

Membership of Braes Golf Centre can open up opportunities to enjoy social or competitive golf and gain a handicap to enter open golf competitions at other clubs.

We offer a selection of varied membership packages across a range of categories. A wide range of club competitions both team and individual where you can meet like minded golfers, perhaps win a prize and enjoy various social activities at the Venue.

Member Application Form & Annual Subscription Information

Download by clicking on the application form

Annual Subscription Amount
Full Adult  £ 450
Full Adult (aged 65+) £ 380
Full Adult (aged 16-22)  £ 215
Adult 5 Day (aged 65+) £ 280
Junior (aged12-17) £  80
Junior (under 12) £  50